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Warranty Costs

Your key to a profitable year. 

A major semi engine manufacturer had documented warranty costs of approximately $1 billion per year. A simply analytics program helped them reduce those costs by 30%. Using our analytics engine, we can survey hundreds of thousands of assemblies and sub-assemblies to help you better structure, monitor, and verify warranties. Learn more... 

Connect with your Customers

Be relevant and fast. Save money by going paperless.

Differentiate from competition by using TigerTracks to manage and share inspection records with customers in real time.

For cranes, forklifts, fire sprinklers, elevator, boilers, air compressors, instruments, and much more! Sign up for a free trial today.

End Unplanned Downtime

Predict and Prevent $100k+ Problems. 

We help you predict and prevent unplanned downtime and injuries by collecting information from all equipment through written records and sensors. Learn more... 

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In October 2015, we were asked to take part in a review of young Chicago-area technology companies and eventually narrowed to one of ten

Meltshops are one of the most unforgiving environments.

Tigertracks CEO Tad Dunville was recently invited to be a featured panelist at the

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Offline-capable for iOS & Droid. Used at companies like Alcoa, Steel Dynamics, and Chrysler.